Upcoming, the two didn’t dispute once again, even though Zoey initially disapproved away from Lola’s relationship with Vince Blake

Upcoming, the two didn’t dispute once again, even though Zoey initially disapproved away from Lola’s relationship with Vince Blake

Zoey Brooks (Friend)

Lola met Zoey whenever she found that she are the lady new roomie, she at first pretended become various other and you may wound up frightening Zoey so when she shared with her regarding the woman acting, Zoey and you may Lola’s next roomie Nicole Bristow, chose to pretend to have a combat to prove so you’re able to Lola that they you can expect to work too. Lola and Zoey had that disagreement on collection, that was from the Year step three occurrence Miss PCA in the event the a couple decrease out over winning good pageant. They truly became close friends and you will supported both regarding collection, and you will was indeed more often than not together. Lola supported Zoey whenever Pursue was implicated regarding cheating facing Zoey in the flick, Spring Crack-Up and pussysaga promosyon kodu ücretsiz Lola attempted to assist Zoey when she found out their date, who’s the fresh new dean’s boy, rigged an excellent raffle very Zoey you will earn, even when she did not faith the girl and you will went but soon discovered your situation and you can dumped your and made with Lola. They were close friends throughout Seasons cuatro and hardly argued.

Dustin Brooks (Friend)

For example Zoey, Lola is visible to show question to possess Dustin. However, in lieu of Zoey, she in addition to generally seems to show some violence with the him regarding go out to help you go out, such as for example inside Favor Strings, when Zoey informed her she wished the lady becoming Dustin’s skill reveal assistant, Lola said she don’t need to, and you can added “Eww.” Still, Lola and you can Dustin get on good that have him (with the rest out of their level) seeing the lady once the prettiest girl at school.

Chase Matthews (Buddy)

Chase are a mutual acquaintance out of Lola using Zoey. From the occurrence Lola Likes Chase, Lola became a beneficial smash towards the your, and so they got one day, however, felt like these people were best off due to the fact family. Lola try delighted up on discovering Chase got came back regarding London area into the Chasing Zoey, and ran as much as hugging your. Such Michael, the guy counts as one of Lola’s top boy family unit members.

Quinn Pensky (Companion)

Lola and Quinn did not very hang out until after Nicole remaining PCA and you will Quinn turned into Zoey and you may Lola’s roomie. They in the future became best friends consequently they are more often than not viewed with her. They are doing features their conflicts such as for example from inside the Fury Government where Quinn assist Lola consume a complete full bowl of peanuts, even though they was in her own lips. Plus, from inside the On the job a great Blix Van, Lola kissed Quinn’s boyfriend, Mark Del Figgalo, to snap their off the lady laughing fit, resulting Quinn dealing with Lola. They truly are always truth be told there for each and every most other and even using their growing personalities it manage to feel Zoey’s closest confidants. No matter if Quinn was super sciency, it still make finest members of the family.

Nicole Bristow (Close friend)

Nicole is the next people Lola fulfilled at PCA along with her second roommate. Lola and you can Nicole almost always got collectively and not decrease away. Lola assisted Nicole tackle her obsession off guys and you can work on her assignment work a lot more because of the hypnotizing the girl. Nicole and you may Lola became buddies and you will offered one another during the Season 2. Whenever Nicole remaining, she never ever had exposure to Lola when you are She is at Malibu Females College or university.

Michael Barret (Buddy)

Michael is actually one of Lola’s best friends while in the the girl go out during the PCA. They became close friends and you may offered both all throughout Year 2, 12 months 3 and you will Year 4. They never contended and you can got with each other day long. On season 2 occurrence, Lola Likes Chase, Michael told you she is hot and you will smokin’. And additionally, for the Bad Girl, Michael believe Lola liked your and you can hoped to one day go out the woman. Because it seems, Lola is actually nearer that have Michael and Pursue than just this woman is with Dustin and you may Logan.

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